Bob Hewitt
Royal Oak, Michigan
65 years old

Bob took part in my google survey, where the option to speak face to face was limited. He has been my professor, mentor and friend for 4 years now. As my time at CCS comes to an end, I can only think back to how my life would have been completely different if I hadn't met Bob. He always has something up his sleeve, whether its a question about photogrpahy, a question about life, he can always find a way to answer it. His resilience towards learning has always pushed me to go past the boundaries that we are taught. Thank you for being so amazing Bob, you have truly impacted my life more than you know.

Below is his response -

“I don’t know if it has. Heightened maybe. I’ve long felt that mankind no longer lives in harmony with nature. I don’t blame any country for the virus. It was inevitable. It was our arrogance in interacting with and encounters with nature that caused the virus to cross over. Early on I was anxious from time to time. In part it was due to preexisiting conditions. I am borderline diabetic. Some of the side affects for my meds mirror the symptoms for Covid. I and I think others can easily begin to guess and wonder, especially when all of this was new, if you have Covid or is it something else. I am over that now.

I am coping good! There were moments I wasn’t but I am by nature one with a strong interior life. These months have given me time to enjoy and work on that.”

*Bob took part in my google survey. January 2021.