Cam Stewart
Portland, Oregon
27 years old

Cam was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in Portland, OR. He was one of the first few that I was able to interview through zoom as things started to shut down again. As you can see in his self portrait, he’s a really simple guy who takes the pleasures in what’s around him versus what he might be “missing.” Throughout our interview, his perspective really made me think about our current world, giving me an input into how he viewed it around him, especially in a country that he didn’t grow up in.

Below is his response -

“Well, it’s completely flipped it, hasn’t it? At the time I was switching from full-time from being a freelancer. I don’t really know, it’s a much larger conversation, since the second world war, every generation has been better off then their parents and because of the situation, this generation may not be the case. I think it’s adding the idea that are parents are teachers to us and although they meant well, they didn’t know or understand how drastically things would change. It was always go to school, work really hard, get into a good college, work really hard at college, get a good job, buy a house, it was the optimal American dream. And now its like… you can do all those things and still be unemployable. I have so many mates that are ridiculously talented in the footwear industry who just still can’t get a job.

In a much larger world view, it’s literally just changed everything. Your social circle is cut back to who you live with. Even just watching movies or thinking about the things we used to do, parties, concerts, etc. pre-covid is just so alien like. I’m focusing on myself a lot more, and these four walls around you in your house are pretty much what you have. I’m being overly cautious because that’s just who I am as a person, you have some that have no care in the world.”

*Cam took his own self portrait. November 2020.