Diego Solis
Boston, Massachusetts
23 years old

Diego was born in Miami, Florida and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is tempered, yet level headed at the same time. His view on the world sets things into motion that not everything always has to be happy. He is made of pure talent and a keen eye for always observing those around him while idly standing by to help them. Four years ago I would have never thought that this person would be in my life, helping and growing with me the way that he is.

Below is his response -

“Tough one. I’ve always been nihilistic, I didn’t care before, and I really don’t care now. It is what it is. It sucks because a lot of people have been affected and it has made me care a bit more but I also was never someone who cared much for the world anyways.

I never really went out. I play video games, I work on personal projects. It’s only made me value work ethic and setting myself up for working on myself.”

*I photographed Diego in his home, safely. October 2020.