Drew Smith
Boston, Massachusetts
25 years old

Drew was born in Maryland and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. The first time I met him was in June 2019, I had just moved to Boston for the summer and honestly didn't know anyone. He has this radiance to him, full of energy and indescribable vibes that just made you want to be friends with him. He had a welcoming smile, and even in our interview, I could feel his sincerity through each thought he was exclaiming. I have admired him for his work ethic and love for life, and I;m grateful to have been able to speak with him!

Below is his response -

“.. It’s pretty tough to know what marked me the most. It was probably the lack of engagement with other people, primarily physically because of my work. A lot of it is based around interaction. It’s having people interact with the things that I’ve made. The digital world turned on a lot of things but also turned things off too in turns of possibilities. It was strange for me, because a lot of who I was is based off of creating experiences for others, and during quarantine cooking was something I loved doing because of idea that it could bring people together.

It’s a communal act. My coping mechanism was in fact cooking, and after reading a really interesting article, it said that when we face a crisis or a drought, there’s lie a switch in our brain that results in us searching for that one thing that makes us comfortable , and literally the first month that we were in lockdown, I was cooking every single meal for every single time of day that I had as a kid. It was the feeling of nostalgia that I was trying to connect to, in times where it seemed like it was missing.

*Drew took his own self portrait. Janaury 2021.