Gaston Mollica
Brisbane, Australia
32 years old

Gaston took part in my google survey. One of my most favorite cousins, the embodiment of being the life of a party. He was born in Tucuman, Argentina and currently resides in Brisbane, Australia. I have never had the chance to visit him, but he always makes sure to come visit our family back home in Miami. Although we have a significant age gap, I never felt far away from him. He always reaches out, as do I, to catch up and talk. I miss him dearly, and I hope that once things start to open up again, I have the opportunity to visit him and the rest of my family in Australia.

Below is his response -

“I believe it has made us more agile in terms of work life balance.

I am coping well.”

*Gaston took part in my google survey. January 2021.