Gavin Engel
Boston, Massachusetts
30 years old

Gavin was born in New York City, New York, and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Gavin’s personality reminded me of my own. Truly ambitious to enjoy life while still creating an impact big enough to be noticed by not only the people around him, but from afar. His resilience in always wanting to learn and grow creates a sense of safety for everyone who has the privilege of knowing him.

Below is his response -

“It has been a speed-check to the rate and pace of global lifestyle. It’s made me realize our fragility in a way and it’s also shown people coming together. It’s shown me how people in difficult times reach for positivity and coming together which is something I never really did honestly.

Being alone wasn’t a huge change in my lifestyle, I spend a fair amount of time independently. I ran a lot, it made me feel less alone than walking.”

*Gavin took his own self portrait. November 2020.