George Annan
Worchestor, Massachusetts
26 years old

George is a Worchestor native, a city located just about 30 minutes from Boston. Through his rigorous attitude, he shows risilience through it all. George estbalishes a relationship from the start, always welcoming communication and collaboration, no matter the distance, circumstance or individual. During our interview, it’s essential to mention that he was just george, beneath the artist, the photograher, the thinker, he was still him, through it all.

Below is his response -

“... It’s hard to say. Let me think for a second. More than anything, especially before covid, I was already in survival mode. I had just finished school this time last year, I didn’t have a safety net. Being out of school I had to kind of figure out things out as soon as the pandemic hit and that’s when I was like oh man... I don’t know what I’m doing, I kind of feel alone. I think if anything that just let me gravitate more towards my friends and family more than I already did and I guess it’s kind of like, all right, us first, then the world. Were just trying to survive day by day by day. I try not to think about 2021 or 2022, as long as I can survive each day, each week, each month, that’s a moral victory. I had a confidence in my job, in my work, especially during covid because thankfully I was always getting tested, so I didn’t have the fear of putting someone at risk or danger.

I dont know what’s next, my mind is always constantly thinking. If I continue to make the work I’m proud of and it resonates with people, then I’m doing something right, even if it’s for other people and not myself. Like I said before, I’m really taking things as they come.

*George took his own self portrait. November 2020.