Tregunc, France
Mid 50s

Honore is a local fisherman who owns a local fish shop in Tregunc, FR. He was born and raised there and is an optimisitc and intriguing individual who runs the shop with his 23 year old son. He had a lot to say, and a lot to reflect on as the town depended on him just as much as he depended on them. He never failed to make me feel welcome, even after only having met him once.

Below is his response -

“My business has suffered. My children have suffered. Our entire town suffered. I saw your grandparents struggle too, and they still came every week to say hello. We were faced with closing our business in order to pay for bills. Granted, all I do is sell fish but I was the best goddamn fisherman this entire town ever had. There’s peace in knowing I provided food for people who have lived here for many many years, it’s been a great honor. 2020 has changed my view on how our governement handled covid, we were left in the dark with nowhere to turn for help.

It’s funny that you’re from America, you should tell them “look! the French people know how to wear their masks properly!”

*I photographed Honore in his shop, safely. December 2020.