Ilana-Portney Preston
Detroit, Michigan
22 years old

Ilana is a 22 year old Detroit native. She is one to be reckoned with. After having two consecutive devastating years, 2020 seemed almost like a stop in time. She is optimistic about the future while still forgiving of the past. As a friend and classmate, she has taught me the importance of living to the moment as we never know what the next day may bring.

Below is her response -

“The secrets that I whisper to this paper are embarrassed by the pen I shares. For the past year life has shown me the cruel back of is hand, taunting and toying with my sanity - smacking me so quickly, I became numb to its clap. I’ve felt so much betrayel, angst, anxiety, and inside of a body that others seem to love more than myself.

Although so negative, I feel that my cynicism is without justice, from darkness is what’s spread and grown its beautiful shadows, with so much movement and secrets within them. Like light still touching and dancing within murkiest deph of the ocean. 2020 is teaching me to be ready to give to a world that only takes.”

*I photographed Ilana in her Detroit home. December 2020.