Ivanna Espinales
Miami, Florida
17 years old

Ivanna took part in my google survey, she was born in Miami and also currently resides in Miami. Although I do not know her directly, her response resonated with me, showing me that even as a young adult, your resilience is important in always learning as the years go by.

Below is her response -

“2020 showed me that it is truly about living one day at a time. Every day is a new start and the next day will always be better than the last. Personally it led me to discover online learning is the better option for me. I’m no longer stressed me out but I also feel like I have more time for hobbies. I’ve discovered so many that I love. Mentally not much changed. As I stated down below it comes in waves some months are better than others. But what I have learned during 2020 will stick with me forever. If you don’t feel like 2020 taught you something then you definitely missed something."

It comes in waves some months I’m happy and feeling like things are getting betters, then others feel scared and I lose motivation to do things.”

*Ivanna took part in my google survey. January 2021.