Jean-Claude Royer
Tregunc, France
78 years old

Papy- the man who keeps me grounded, and sane in a world where sometimes things can get overwhelming. He was born in Paris and currently resides in Tregunc, France. He has moved to every single country imaginable from a young age up until his 60s. He brought my mom to America, and in turn gave me the chance to be born into this beautiful family. He is grumpy, he is smart, he is everything a grandpa would be and more.

Below is his response -

“I hate being stuck at home. Our president is an idiot who is completely crumbling our economy. I say we get our vaccines and we get on with our lives. I’ve lived through worse, people are so afraid of anything these days. I am healthy, my wife is healthy, my family is healthy because we are careful. But we still live, we still go for a walk, just with a mask.

I guess the only positive thing I can say is, at-least we’re not the United States because you guys well.. are kind of a shit show.”

*I photographed my grandpa in his home, safely. December 2020.