Jeannine Bouchard
Tregunc, France
76 years old

Jeannine was born in Paris and currently resides in Tregunc, France- just a couple miles away from her 3 sisters. She revisits her past as a twenty year old as many times as she can. Telling her stories of her adventures, encounters, and mistakes. A conversation with her is like a conversation with the past, almost nostalgic. Her and my grandmother are a team, they take care of each other and their other sisters while maintaining outside relationships to still be able to live freely.

Below is her response -

“How has it changed? .. to me- absolutely nothing because I have a lot of humor but when it comes to the reports of how people function, what they are scared of, what they are happy about, for me its just inevitable, it’s how I see people. As for Macron’s famous phrase: supporting each other and helping each other- I don’t believe in it at all. I don’t see much help between people. I have always seen denouncement.

Pour moi rien n’a changé. Je suis quelqu’un qui a beaucoup d’humour. Sur les rapports comment les gens fonctionnent, de quoi ils ont peur rien n’a changé. C’est un simple constat , c’est comme je vois les gens. Quant à la fameuse phrase de Macron : se soutenir, s’entraider, je n’y crois pas du tout. Je ne vois pas beaucoup d’entraide. Je vois surtout de la delation depuis toujours.”

*I photographed my jeannine in her home, safely. December 2020.