Jessica Bonello
Detroit, Michigan
24 years old

Jess is a Michigan native who was born in Wyandotte and currently resides in Detroit. I have known Jess for about 4 years, and in my eyes, she has made an unfamilair place home for me. Her creativity and her persistence in always wanting what is best, has transitioned to self love in both herself and her friends. She is resilient, she is smart, and so independent. it was an honor having her be apart of my thesis and to continue to have her be apart of my life and family in Detroit.

Below is her response -

“... It’s a lot. I guess it made me appreciate the people in my life a lot more than I did before, and there’s a lot of family that due to the pandemic, I can’t really see right now. The thought of me giving something to her, especially the virus, terrifies me. Even with my own parents, if im around them, I’m worried about getting them sick. Even with school, I have been trying to get my bachelors for the past seven years and now that I’m in my final year, and everything going on where this is how im spending my last semester in college, I’m angry. I feel very angry at the world right now. I know its not positive, but I have always had issues with change, I am the type of person who needs routine, I already struggle a lot with anxiety so its definitly been a lot worse since the year started.

I don’t think I am coping, atleast not well. I feel a bit of loss, like when I try to do things that I used to love doing before, specifically school because it's always been my thing- something I can control and put my entire focus on, I mean I can get what I put out but now I’m just not even trying at this point. It has had a negative impact but I think some of the positives I can take away is that myself and my partner Will have been able to spend more time together.

*I photographed Jessica in her detroit home, safely. September 2020.