Julia Lebosse
United Kingdom
18 years old

Julia was born in the UK and currently resides in the UK. She is an example in taking that extra step into yourself to get positive results. She speaks a lot about how this year has changed her and given her more time to think about herself because sometimes, its hard too. she is very strong willed with a hunger for giving herself freedom to explore the things she likes, while also continuing on the path of success.

Below is her response -

“… it’s definitely opened a lot on the practices of different countries and how they work. It’s quite interesting how each country has approached covid and how they’ve dealt with it. Places like Australia don’t even have any covid cases and its kind of crazy. The UK and the US have the most freedom but that’s probably why it’s gotten so bad with covid. It’s just really been interesting how they deal with it and everything is so much more accessible- like things online.

It’s weird because I used to always think I was a home body, I used to really like home and I still do but I never realized how much I actually did enjoy going outside and having somewhere to go. Its definitely been really hard but in a way I’ve become wiser, I’ve started reading which is something that I have never really done before. It’s been a way of finding myself in a deeper sense, because looking into the future is hard as is but it’s almost been interesting to have to take things day by day especially under the circumstance.”

*Julia took her own self portrait. January 2021.