Kassandra Solis
Miami, Florida
16 years old

Kassie took part in my google survey, although shes not my blood sister, I definitely consider her my little sister. Hardworking, dedicated, and caring, she always has a way of making someone laugh, especially with her hardcore BTS obsession, its enough to make anyone obsessed with them. I'm so lucky to be apart of her family and for having seen her grow up into the smart and dedicated young lady she is!

Below is her response -

“It has made me realize the US is at the most divided it has ever been when we should all be connected due to the pandemic. It is very upsetting seeing the state our country is in compared to others around the world.

I cope by trying to express my feelings more often to those I can rely on and listening to music also allows me to escape in a way.”

*Kassie took their own self portrait. January 2021.