Kayla Diaz
Miami, Florida
17 years old

Kayla took part in my google survey, although I do not know her directly, I believe what she has responded might resonate with many others. Keep looking up, even on the bad days.

Below is her response -

“2020 made me realize that I used to take so many things for granted, and that there are people out there who can be really inconsiderate for the health of others. It has affected me both in a good and bad way. The good being that I’m finally comfortable with myself and body, I’ve built a better relationship and can express how I feel with my parents, brothers and friends. I’ve also taken interest in so many things I stopped doing back when I was elementary/middle school and it makes me happy. The bad being is that I get so lost in thoughts sometimes that I spiral into a really bad depressive state and am not able to finish what I’m supposed to be doing at times. I’ve also become a little bit forgetful.

I’ve been coping by baking, studying, online shopping, watching anime, and reading.”

*Kayla took their own self portrait. January 2021.