Larry Leverone
Eugine, Oregon
73 years old

Larry was born in Boston, MA and currently resides in Eugine, OR. I have never met a man like Larry. As I hopped on call with him, I immidiatly felt safe. He had a way of looking at the world, in a positive light, that made me want to look at the world in a positive way. His interactions with others and people he didn’t know gave away a message that we need to live more, to experience more, because you never know what another person is going through. It was such an honor to speak with Larry and I am extremely happy to know that I can call him a friend.

Below is his response -

“Oh wow.. well I could go on answering about that. 2020 has rocked my view on the current state of the world. I think it’s the most unexpected part of my life, the idea that so many people would be affected by it, not only those that died but those that get really sick and recover, those that are frightened and scared, those that are paranoid, angry, those that deny that this is real. It changed my view on the world in that its made me realize we are a very fragile.

We are a blue marble flying through space and we’re very fragile. The environment is really problematic, we are far past the point of return, as many people see it. The confluence of the virus/pandemic, the shift to the right politically both in our country and the world, and the day to day evidence of the destruction that we as humans are doing to our gift- the planet, make me wonder how much a continuum of catastrophe are we going to be on beyond 2020?

How I’m coping with it? Well that’s hard. Probably one of the best questions anyone could ask. I think everybody copes with it differently. I live in a senior living place with about 48 seniors. I’m seeing how everyone else deals with it and the easiest way for me is by trying to maintain those connections and interactions with people. The main event of their day is going down to the dining room at 6 or 7 o’clock and chatting, I don’t like small talk, but I try to be there so that I can still make that small connection with people because I know how much we all miss it.”

*Larry sent me his own self portrait. December 2020.