Maria De Los Santos
Miami, Florida
17 years old

Maria took part in my google survey. She was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Although I do not know her personally, I have had the privilege of meeting her once through Kassie, who was also apart of this project. Both show youthfulness in a liberating way, learning and unlearning the mistakes our generation created for them.

Below is her response -

“2020 has taught me to not take anything or anyone for granted. It’s made me more emotionally open than I was before, due to the different ways it’s affected us all, and has stunted mental growth within my own self by being so alone these months.

I’m much more mentally stable and strong for the most part so I’ve gotten to the point where I can pep talk myself and keep it pushing. No matter how hard it’s been, this is temporary, and that keeps me going. Sometimes I’ll take walks or have good convos with my mom or friends on a tough day, or do self care, whether that’s facetiming friends or watching videos or eating my favorite food.”

*Maria sent me her own self portrait. January 2021.