Nam Nguyen
Kansas City, Missouri
23 years old

Nam was born in Vietnam and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. I met Nam as a very scared freshman, who didn’t really know anyone around her. He was so welcoming and had a sense of humor that could make anyone break into a smile even after a bad day. His positivity shows throughout every interaction and he holds his friends close to his heart. We all knew that a piece of Detroit would be missed when he moved away, and I am honored to say that Nam is one of my closest friends.

Below is his response -

“I think 2020 made me appreciate my view towards the world. I know what to value and live by more now. Friendship, family, whats more important. The world is fucked up. It’s divided, everyone is just divided.

It wont always be like this.. hopefully. I know that I won’t be here emotionally and psychically in another year as much as I was in 2020 and that gives me peace of mind to keep going.”

*Nam took his own self portrait. October 2020.