Nicholas Leverone
Boston, Massachusetts
27 years old

Nicholas, who also goes by Nick was born in Manchester, New Hamsphire, and is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Nick’s ambitious personality reminded me of my sisters. Curious and always thinking, innovative and compassionate. He shows gratitude in any given situation, which in regards to this year, is probably one of his most inpsiring values as both a friend and a person.

Below is his response -

“That is quite the heavy question.. I guess one thing for me is I’ve learned to appreciate the small things a lot more. I am much more grateful for small reality-based moments. I’ve deleted all my social media, so I’m totally off the grid which I think is strange to do within the world we live in because everything is all digital but I found that it wasn’t the right escape for me and I needed more reality-based moments. In general I am much more appreciative for smaller, more real world interactions, whether thats bumping into somebody at the grocery store with your cart -- which is a whole new experience now, rather than just a quick “oh I’m sorry” and moving on, it’s just a different interaction between the two. When I am able to see my friends or family, that time spent, for me, is much more elevated -- it means alot more. I think moving forward I will try to stay in that notion and not take these everyday little moments for granted.

I think in general, I’m quite used to spending my time alone -- I need that time. I need that energy because I do tend to get burnt out when I am socially around other people. So in that sense, it hasn’t been as hard. I’ve been calling and chatting my friends alot more that don’t live in Boston and seeing my family. Zooming much more often -- especially the big family zoom sessions. I’ve also just started doing more things outside; running, going to the beach, playing golf, basically all these outdoor friendly activities. I’ve done much more since covid started."

*Nick took his own self portrait. December 2020.