Noah Sotolongo
Sarasota, Florida
22 years old

Noah took part in my google survey, they were born in Miami, Florida and then moved to Sarasota, Florida. Noah has always been the level headed and calm friend of the group. Making sure that feelings and voices are heard in situations where it may seem daunting to speak up. They have a way of showing safety, even from a distance and making an impact on the way persepctives are thought of. I am so grateful to have them in my life, and to be able to continue to learn from them.

Below is their response -

“2020 made me realize how isolated I have been since completing college. Quarantine changed almost nothing about my life; I was still a shut-in who didn’t have IRL friends living near me to hang out with, so my days were usually spent on the computer. Quarantine served to highlight the extent of this isolation, but had little impact otherwise.

I’m coping well, all things considered. The pandemic hasn’t caused me as much anxiety as it perhaps has for other people, in part due to my sedentary, isolated lifestyle. Through therapy and psychiatry my mood has been stable and positive. In fact, I’ve made a number of gains during my time quarantined, such as learning how to program in C# and making significant progress in personal projects of mine.”

*Noah took their own self portrait. December 2020.