Raul Perdomo
Miami, Florida
54 years old

Raul or Perdomo to me is a was born in New Orleans, Louisana and currently resides in Miami, FL. I don’t even know where to begin with this man... I wouldn’t be making this book or this project if I hadn’t had the influence and support I had from him when I was in my grade art class. It’s a privilege to say that he got to watch me grow as both a person and an artist from the ages of 12-22. He gave our class the strength to follow our dreams and not let anything get in the way of it. Not only is he my mentor, but he is a friend and father-figure that I will always hold dear to my heart. Thank you, Perdomo!

Below is his response -

“I am coping well, and I am coping well because covid-19 has basically eliminated practicing lifestyle activities. I have spent an enormous amount in my studio which has been a great opportunity for me to restock on artwork because I’ve been selling a lot of artwork.

Same thing happened in the economic recession of 2008, for some reason when these things happen and our economy crashes, the sales of artwork go up. So in that sense, it’s been very good. Now teaching art has been extremely difficult, there have been very few gains and it’s been very disappointing but its to be expected as well. Teaching art requires a person to person relationship and I haven’t been able to find the appropriate technology to make virtual teaching more effective.

The most disappointing thing that I have learned from 2020 and covid-19 is how unable we are as a society to function with a common interest. It has started to make me think and question things about our society and compare it to different types of societies. We live in a society by choice, number one, and by theory because this society values the individual and when things are working great, we are a wonderful society, but when things aren’t, we are a dismal disgrace.”

*Raul took his own self portrait. December 2020.