Rolando Jerez
Miami, Florida
55 years old

My papa.. born in Tucuman, Argentina and currently living in Miami, Florida. I can't begin to explain how much this individual means to me. From the day he held me from when I was first born, to holding me at my first breakup, and to holding me as he dropped me off at my dorm freshman year. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of him, what he's doing, if he's okay, if he's having a good day. He left his country to give myself and my sister a beautiful life, filled with love and happiness. He pushed me to leave even when I was too afraid to think of the possibilities, and in turn he did it for me. For those who know me, I get this personality from him, reslient and always fighting for what's right. He filled out my google survey, and although english may not be his first language, he has given his input on how 2020 shaped himself and our family. Although 2020 was a year to be reckoned with, I am beyond grateful I got to go home and be with my family in times when I normally be apart from them. I love you, siempre and para siempre.

Below is his response -

“Chaos, I am ok, trying to accept everything that is happening as a reminders that we are destroying the only world that we have and if we do not change we will end it soon. As sad as it sounds but it’s reality.

I am trying to take it day by day.”

*Rolando took his own self portrait. December 2020.