Ron Pickering
Douglas, Michigan
57 years old

Ron took part in my google survey. He was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan and currently resides in Douglas, Michigan. I have had the privilege of knowing Ron for the past 3 years now, he has given a perspective in our class that I believe has helped us grow as both people and artist in ways we never would have known. When speaking with Ron, it's easy to express your thoughts and welcome any feedback on anything going on in your life. He cheers from near and far, always rooting for positivity and safety. I can't wait to see what you do, Ron!

Below is his response -

“I think it just shows how far we have to go to level the playing field for people of color and the LGBTQAI community. Personally it was stress for me but almost embarrassed by the actions of white people promoting racism. I felt like I almost have to say just because I am a middle aged white man, I don’t support this far right agenda.

I coped with meditation, photography and recovery meetings.”

*Ron took his own self portrait. December 2020.