Sylviane Royer
Tregunc, France
75 years old

My grandmother.. currently residing in Tregunc, FR but was born on a train escaping Germany during World War II. She is the defintion of strong- she helped my mom when I was born, raised me every chance she could. I would not be where I am today without the dedication my grandma has given me. I remember painting landscapes with her in our childhood home, where she taught me about colors, and about doing things that made me happy, even if others thought it was ridiculous. I am so grateful I was able to photograph her in person, safely, and to see them after a whole year of distance. She makes everything better, even when the world is going to shit.

Below is her response -

“In this moment, everything is shit. With covid, I am extremely sad to not be able to see my family, especially my daughter who I have not seen in over a year. We are stuck in as town we just moved too a few years back, we can’t do anything, we can’t walk outside without a paper, we can’t go grocery shopping whenever we want. I miss people. I miss the United States and I miss my family. We are all alone, without any care for whether we will die this way, in our homes, wihtout anyone around.”

“En ce moment, tout ces’t la merde. Avec covid, je suis extrêmement triste de ne pas pouvoir voir ma famille, en particulier ma fille que je n’ai pas vue depuis plus d’un an. Nous sommes coincés dans la ville où nous venons de déménager il y a quelques années, nous ne pouvons rien faire, nous ne pouvons pas marcher dehors sans papier, nous ne pouvons pas faire les courses quand nous le voulons. Les gens me manquent. Les États-Unis me manquent et ma famille me manque. Nous sommes tous seuls, sans nous soucier de savoir si nous allons mourir de cette façon, dans nos maisons, sans personne autour.”

*I photographed my grandma in her Tregunc home, safely. December 2020.